CARY GRANT: Name Dropping

The following article comes from FILMS IN REVIEW magazine , written by Michael Buckley:

I’ve added illustrations.

Judy, Judy, Judy”. He never said the line, but millions who imitated him did.

As Sergeant Cutter in GUNGA DIN, he blithely informed a cult of killers who filled a temple – “You’re all under arrest”…..

As C. K. Dexter Haven in THE PHILADELPHIA STORY”, he flattened Katharine Hepburn’s Tracy Lord for breaking his golf club…….

As Roger Adams in PENNY SERENADE , he pleaded with a judge to keep his adopted daughter.


With Irene Dunne. PENNY SERENADE


As David Huxley, a paleontologist searching for an intercostal  clavicle in BRINGING UP BABY, he played straight man to Hepburn and a leopard……..

And we remember him as Johnny Case  who wanted to retire young and take a HOLIDAY…….

he was George Kerby, the spirit-ed friend in TOPPER……

and editor Walter Burns, giving rapid fire instructions to ex-wife Rosalind Russell’s Hildy Johnson in HIS GIRL FRIDAY.




With Rosalind Russell, Ralph Bellamy.HIS GIRL FRIDAY


As Irene Dunne’s soon-to-divorced mate in THE AWFUL TRUTH and her about-to-be wed-again spouse in MY FAVOURITE  WIFE…….

as Mr.Lucky, Mr. Blandings, Cole Porter……and an Angel named Dudley and a male war bride…….Poppy Rose and Dr. Noah Praetorious.




With Ann Sheridan.I WAS A MALE WAR BRIDE.


With Finlay Currie.PEOPLE WILL TALK


For his favourite director Hitchcock, he explored a wine cellar with Ingrid Bergman in NOTORIOUS, caused Joan Fontaine to have SUSPICION, dodged a crop-dusting plane and played hide-and-seek on Mount Rushmore in  NORTH BY NORTHWEST.


With Ingrid Bergman.NOTORIOUS




Audrey Hepburn, in CHARADE, asked him,

“Do you know what’s wrong with you?”.
“No, what?” he responded.



He wouldn’t choose a best performance, but stated that his worst was as Mortimer Brewster in ARSENIC AND OLD LACE.


And there were the parts he didn’t play: Norman Maine in A STAR IS BORN (salary demands were too high); William Holden’s role in THE BRIDGE ON THE KWAI ( he took too long to decide); THE MUSIC MAN ( he told Jack Warner that he wouldn’t even see the movie if Robert Preston didn’t recreate his stage role of Harold Hill ; MY FAIR LADY ( he didn’t think anyone could do better than Rex Harrison.)



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  1. Fascinating but it still begs the question: how did the “Judy Judy Judy” myth begin? I’d heard he read “Star is Born” through with Cukor who thought he’d be perfect, at which point Grant essentially said that’s just the problem: he was too MUCH like Norman Maine. But what you say about salary demand is just as likely and perhaps both are true.

  2. Somewhere on YouTube, there’s a video of James Cagney accepting a Life Achievement Award or something similar at a big do in Hollywood and he says to the audience “I just want to say that I never said ‘You Dirty Rat” (pause for audience laughter). “What I actually said was “Judy, Judy, Judy”.

  3. So many great roles! A classic movie lover I follow on TikTok posed a question recently — you can only pick one actor, and the other’s filmography will disappear. Who do you pick – James Stewart or Cary Grant? I chose James Stewart, but now I’m rethinking my pick!

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