Many  star photos  usually have the stars gazing off into the distance.But the following  find the actors looking straight at you.


Ann Sheridan

One of my favourite films, EDGE OF DARKNESS. Ann Sheridan helps lead the resistance to the Germans in Norway during WW2. Who is that little guy on the right.


Cary Grant



Jean Peters

Jean Peters (1926-2000) so good in PICKUP ON SOUTH STREET. A career cut short when she married Howard Hughes. By 1955 she had made 20 films but left films at the age of 29 and didn’t make another film till 1973.
Her final marriage to producer Stan Hough lasted from 1971 till his death in 1990.


George Raft

A threatening look from Mr. Raft.



Lizabeth Scott


Paul Douglas, Linda Darnell

My favourite couple in  A LETTER TO THREE WIVES.


Joel McCrea

Always the hero.


Cornel Wilde, Ida Lupino, Richard Widmark.ROAD HOUSE.


Barbara Stanwyck.


One of the few times when you see Robert Montgomery who was behind the camera in LADY IN THE LAKE. With Audrey Totter .



George Brent



Charles McGraw  in HIS KIND OF WOMAN.  Not a big role but he is always impressive.


Susan Hayward

Nice snap of Susan. Could have been a fan taking it.


Joseph Cotten

Always remembered in SHADOW OF A DOUBT.


Burt Lancaster, John  Hoyt, Jeff Corey.BRUTE FORCE. Nice to see John  Hoyt front and centre. 



Rita as Gilda.



Judith Anderson.REBECCA

A face you don’t want looking you in the eye! Not a welcoming look.Poor Joan Fontaine.

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