Ginger Rogers in DREAM BOAT (1952).


Susan Hayward. (Looking rather modern!) DEMETRIOUS AND THE GLADIATORS.


Richard Widmark. THE LAW AND JAKE WADE.

With the comment: “Wardrobe.Not yet aged.”


Joan Crawford in THE DAMNED DONT CRY,  previously “The Victim.”

Always liked Joan’s assumed  name in the film, ‘Lorna Hansen Forbes’. ( though the character’s real name was ‘Ethel Whitehead’).

And Warner Brothers’ tag line for the film:

“Flaming stars of “Flamingo Road” meet in scarlet shadows again!”

Joan and David Brian had been in “Flamingo Road”, the year before “The Damned Don’t  Cry.”


Cheer up, Mary. you’ll be remembered for this role.



  • Three shots of Ann Sheridan . I WAS A MALE WAR BRIDE.



Interestingly, this still mentions the colors in the costume – green blouse and  skirt, yellow scarf and gloves.

plus Shoes – Spectator.( a low heeled brogue).    Bag – utility.   Cap – overseas green.  Overcoat -long.
Ann stands to attention, no smiling.


Lew Ayres, a convincing lawyer in THE UNFAITHFUL , but looking a little like a gangster in this shot. It’s that hat tilt!

I love this film.



(Hairdress had their own stills.)




Bette Davis. The glamorous ‘Charlotte’. NOW VOYAGER.

Cigarette in hand of course.



Bette Davis. THE SISTERS. Hairdress..

(Bette’s sisters – Jane Bryan, Anita Louise.)

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  1. These are all wonderful, I didn’t know that such stills were made, even from the hair-dos. Ginger Roger’s suit is fabulous 🙂 . Linda

  2. Fascinating to see those test shots – wonder how Lew Ayres felt seeing his name spelt wrong on the blackboard?

  3. Rogers and Davis were lifelong friends. I saw them together once in Dallas at a dinner theater, when they rose from their table to greet the audience the applause was thunderous.

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