Set in the Florida Keys in 1840, Reap The Wild Wind is a rip-roaring  Cecil B. DeMille tale of the salvage masters who “reap the harvest of the wild winds” .

Paulette Goddard is perfect  casting as the captivating , headstrung southern belle who realises that  John Wayne is not the hero she thought, nor Ray Milland  the dandy she thought him.

A fine supporting cast including a young Susan Hayward, Robert Preston, Raymond Massey, Lynne Overman, Charles Bickford.

The film received a well deserved Oscar  for special effects.

I’m sure it was a resounding hit back in 1942, with its glorious Technicolor and amazing underwater scenes.


Paulette Goddard, John Wayne


Ray Milland






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  1. I’m not the biggest fan of De Mille if the truth be told, but I remember kind of enjoying this big colorful adventure last time I saw it. Mind you, that would be over 20 years ago so I probably ought to give it another look.

  2. It’s striking that De Mille’s career in sound movies only amounts to under 25 titles whereas he made three times as many silent films. He obviously loved spectacle,both historical and biblical.- neither of which particularly appeal to me, but I enjoy Reap The Wild Wind.

  3. I absolutely love this movie. Of course I love pretty much everything DeMille did. One of the great directors who doesn’t get the respect he deserves.

    • I think he is very well known in Hollywood history. But it did surprise me that the bulk of his work was in the silent era.

      • DeMille is certainly well known but not usually thought of as one of the truly great directors. But I regard him as being in the absolute top rank.

        His silent comedies are terrific. Sophisticated comedies of manners rather than slapstick. Visually witty.

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