• Journey to the centre of the Earth  –  Trip to the Center  of the Earth.

I love this film and the great Bernard Hermann soundtrack.

(As a Scot, the only drawback is Pat Boone’s accent!)


  • Dial M For Murder.     The Phone Rings at 11pm.

The original title is definitely better.



  • The Las Vegas Story.      The City of Pleasure.

Another film I  can watch anytime. Victor Mature, Jane Russell, Vincent Price – all re-united from “His Kind of Woman”, a year earlier.  Plus Hoagy Carmichael at the piano.


  • Hell On Frisco Bay.        The Bay of Hell.

I guess American place names weren’t considered a draw overseas.

Can anyone explain that hand on Alan Ladd’s cheek. Looks odd. Can’t be Joanne Dru from that angle.


  • Bringing Up Baby.       He,She,and the Leopard.

Well, that’s pretty basic and true!


Edge of Darkness.       Freedom Struggle.

One of a very few war films I can watch any time. Great cast and story.



If I Had a Million.      One I’d like to see. Big cast. And it’s Ernst Lubitsch.


Crossfire……….Crossroads of Hatred.

A great thriller which I always think of as ‘The Three Roberts’!

Good painting of Robert Young, not so much for the other two or Gloria Grahame.



  • Honky Tonk………I Want You As You  Are.

Lovely color poster. Presumably the American slang expression wasn’t acceptable. But the alternative is a bit pedantic.

Lana’s hair is outstanding!


Show Boat………..Magnolia.

Can’t think what is wrong with Show Boat. The musical isnt just about ‘Magnolia.’
Noted  that Ava Gardner gets top billing.

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  1. “Hell On ‘Frisco Bay” – Well it was in CinemaScope. She wears that ring in the film.
    The poster is by the Italian artist Luigi Martineti, whose original posters have sold for world record prices.
    Here’s the original artwork

    It was retitled as “The Darkest Hour” for US TV showings, because of “Hell” in the title.

    “If I Had A Million” –

    • I’ll be featuring Luigi Martineti in a future post. He has done some amazing posters, but this one just doesn’t look right to me.
      Thanks for link.

  2. Such fun to see foreign posters. I love the titles, and how they don’t always seem to fit, but give insight to foreign sensibilities and distribution markets.

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