Surrounded  by THE WOMEN.

George Cukor , Hunt Stromberg ( the film’s producer.)

How quickly can you name them all.


Bob Hope, Madeleine Carroll.MY FAVORITE BLONDE.



Joan Fontaine 

Which one will she choose.

Walter Abel, Dennis O’Keefe,   George Brent, Don De Fore.

I choose him.



George Brent

Audition for new film, ROBOT!


Carmen Miranda, Cesar Romero

Winners of the World Best Smile Awards.


Van Heflin, Ginger Rogers, George Raft, Reginald Gardiner.

Ginger to George: “George, you need to lose some weight – Van and Reggie agree.”


Ann Blyth, Zachary Scott. MILDRED PIERCE.

Veda is trouble. Watch out, Monty.


George Stevens


Cary Grant, George, Katharine Hepburn. BRINGING UP BABY.

GEORGE, where is that bone?”

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  1. Regarding the pairing of Hollywood stars from the Golden Age, it is noteworthy that older leading men were often paired with younger leading ladies.

    Of course, it is not unusual that this is true in general, but what stands out in the films, well, Bogart and Bacall are a very good example. He was 43, she was 19.

    I would guess that there is no more than a 5-year age difference amongst my married friends. So, did Hollywood reflect the social and cultural standards of those years, or does the entertainment industry, in particular, set its own standard?

    You noted in “High Noon” that the casting of Gary Cooper was questioned because of the age difference — 29 years — between Cooper and leading lady Grace Kelly.

    It may simply be a trivial observation but it’s something that always catches my attention when I watch classic films. It’s almost a distraction as I can’t help but think, “How did those two ever get together?”

    • Interesting observation about the age gaps. It does seem to be something Hollywood casting kept doing.
      Funny you should mention Kane and Amy in High Noon. I too wondered how they would ever have met. Amy didn’t seem to belong in Hadley – where did she come from. He lives by the gun, she’s a Quaker! They seem ill matched, to say the least.

      • If I may go totally off-topic, are there movies or stars that you enjoy watching over-and-over again?

        Take “High Noon”, for example. It’s arguably a Hollywood classic that people can watch over again, but I would not consider all movies from the 30’s and 40’s to be “classics” in the sense of a “Casablanca”.

        On the other hand, you might watch a movie over again simply because you like the cast but it’s not something you have to watch if it happens to be on TV.

        I’m a fan of James Cagney but I discovered the other day that I won’t watch a film just because he is the featured star. TCM screened “Boy Meets Girl” (1938) with Pat O’Brien.

        Classic movie buffs know that Cagney and O’Brien had a 60-year friendship that included co-starring in nine films from “Here Comes the Navy” (1934) to “Ragtime” (1981).

        I had never seen “Boy Meets Girl”, and quickly realized that I hadn’t missed anything. It was just too silly to watch for even five minutes.

        What are the elements of a film that make you want to see it again?

  2. That’s true, that even a favourite star can be in a dud!
    We all know what we like, whether it is a star or a genre. I go for film noir and 50s westerns mostly.

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