Fred MacMurray, Madeleine Carroll. CAFE SOCIETY



Bette Davis




Leon Ames, Audrey Totter, Robert Montgomery, Tom Tully, Lloyd Nolan. LADY IN THE LAKE



Joseph Cotten. Teresa Wright, MacDonald Carey. SHADOW OF A DOUBT


Bill ‘ Bojangles’ Robinson


Bette Davis, Errol Flynn. THE SISTERS



Boris Karloff, Charles Laughton. THE STRANGE DOOR. 1951


Lee J Cobb , Evelyn Keyes, Dick  Powell. JOHNNY O’CLOCK



Charles Boyer . ALGIERS




Errol Flynn Title?

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    • Lee Patrick plays a burlesque queen called Blondie White who meets a sticky end! Fascinating to find on you tube a (sadly much aged) Allan Jones interviewing people at the 1991 Universal jiving jack’s reunion. Among the stars, Donald O’Connor, Gloria Jean, Susanna Foster, Marie Windsor. Anna Lee. Also footage of stars arriving at the 1997 reunion hosted by a young man with unfortunately no clue as to who most of them are! Great to see people like Anne Gwynne, Rita Quigley, Robert Paige etc.

  1. Remember that scene in Casablanca when Rick goes to the office to retrieve cash from the safe? All you see is his shadow — classic.

  2. I like Lee too, especially remember her as Bette Davis shipboard friend in Now Voyager. Must watch Footsteps again. A change of pace for Errol as a mild character who even wears glasses in some scenes!

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