Chill Wills

“Always wondered what they draw in a drawing room – pictures or guns.”


The term “Drawing Room” comes from the 16th Century “Withdrawing Room”, an area of a house where the ladies would withdraw after dinner.
(Thanks, Vi, for the information.)

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  1. Vienna, Chill Wills could deliver lines and more. Chill had an incredible voice and he is one of my favorite character actors. I seem to always remember him as Jim Ed Love in THE ROUNDERS(filmed 1964, released 1965). My earliest memory of him is as Manchester Montford in TARZAN’S NEW YORK ADVENTURE(filmed 1941-42, released 1942), which I first viewed on tv on Memphis, Tennessee’s WREC Channel 3 EARLY MOVIE in 1964. In his colorful way he helped Tarzan(Johnny Weissmuller), Jane(Maureen O’Sullivan), and Boy(Johnny Sheffield) save the day.

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