Some dialogue zingers from “ALL ABOUT EVE”.


Gary Merrill, Thelma Ritter.

Bill ,who is on his way to Hollywood, says to Birdie:

“What should I tell Tyrone Power for you?”

Birdie: “Just give him my phone number. I’ll tell him myself.”


Celeste Holm, Bette Davis,Hugh Marlowe

 “Slow curtain, the end.”

(Margo talking to Karen and Lloyd about the trajectory of a woman’s career.)


It could be argued that George Sanders  has the best lines .

To Eve, he says:  “I’m Addison DeWitt. I’m nobody’s  fool, least of all yours.”


Bette Davis, George Sanders



Addison: “I have lived in the theatre as a Trappist monk lives in his faith. In it, I toil not, neither do I spin. I am a critic and commentator.

I am  essential to the theatre – as ants to a picnic.”



Delighted to discover this publicity shot of Anne Baxter.

Eve as she wants to be. A star like Margo – at any cost.



Ok, it’s the Hollywood premiere at Graumans, but are we supposed to believe all those stars will turn up! Is it possible??

I love how the neighbouring Roosevelt Hotel blacked out some of their hotel sign, to show just ‘EVE’.



First time I’ve seen this pose of Anne Baxter and Gary Merrill. Looks  like Bette is the interloper!

Not sure about that foreign title – EVE AGAINST EVE?


Rare on the set photo of Joseph Mankiewicz discussing a scene with Gary Merrill, Anne Baxter .

Any ideas on who is the young man sitting down, listening to Mankiewicz?


Another interesting shot of Anne Baxter and Joseph Mankiewicz. But why is  Anne holding a violin?  Have I misremembered a scene in the film.


Bette Davis, Anne Baxter, Celeste Holm.

I’ve read the atmosphere on the set was far from friendly.


The main cast.


Happy ending. The four friends have survived Eve.


Bette Davis.

Of course, Bette gets the most famous line. Something about fastening your seat belts and a bumpy night! You know the line.
I remember when the lines became the start of a song ( ‘Fasten Your Seat Belts’ ) in the musical version ,APPLAUSE ( starring Lauren Bacall in 1970)

And 20 years after she played ‘Eve’, Anne Baxter took over the part of ‘Margo Channing’ in “Applause” in 1971 on Broadway.

Anne Baxter.

The lyrics , by Lee Adams ,include:

Fasten your seat belts

Say all your prayers

And hold on tight

Drink and be merry

For the Titanic sails tonight

All aboard 

It will be a bumpy night


Fasten your seat belts

It’s gonna be a bumpy night

Margo in action

Critics have called an awesome sight……


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  1. My first thought is that the seated man with back to camera, could well be Hugh Marlowe – because although the hair may appear a bit lighter, it could just be because there’s a strong light on it.
    I don’t recall a violin either!
    Thanks for featuring this: I can never see or hear enough about my favorite film of all time.

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