Cecil B. DeMille, Hedy Lamarr. “Samson and Delilah.”



Billy Wilder, Barbara Stanwyck. “Double Indemnity “.

what is Wilder holding?


Teresa Wright, Ida Lupino, William Talman .

Ida directing an episode of Screen Directors Playhouse in 1956. The episode was called “No. 5 Checked Out.” and can be viewed on You Tube.


Fritz Lang directs Joan Bennett, Fredric March in MANHUNT (1941).


William Wellman  discusses a scene with Ginger Rogers on the set of ROXIE HART.


Nearly out of the photo, director Delmer Daves , with Humphrey Bogart, Agnes Moorehead  in DARK PASSAGE. 

Maybe they are going over that dramatic scene in which Bogie  confronts Agnes before she takes drastic action!


John Wayne, Angie Dickinson, Howard Hawks. “ Rio Bravo”.

Hold on, folks. I gotta check the script.


Victor Fleming, Vivien Leigh. “Gone With The Wind.”


Robert Taylor, Robert Mitchum, Vincente Minnelli. “Undercurrent “.


Steve McQueen, James Garner, John Sturges. “The Great Escape”.


Is that John Ford smiling? Hardly ever happened . With Jean Arthur, Edward G. Robinson. “ The Whole Town’s  Talking.”


Joel McRea, George Stevens, Jean Arthur. “ The More the Merrier.”

Joel looks uncomfortable.


Jan Sterling, Kirk Douglas, Billy Wilder. “Ace in the Hole.”


Fred Zinnemann, Donna Reed, Montgomery Clift, Frank Sinatra. “From Here To Eternity “.


Greer Garson, Mervyn LeRoy, , Philip Dorn. “Random Harvest.”


Flora Robson, Michael Curtiz. “The Sea Hawk.”

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  1. Wilder’s holding a measuring stick for jugs and barrels, etc.

    One of the lighting technicians who worked with William Wellman for years said in an interview in the ‘70s that the director was always extremely macho and aggressive toward the casts of all of his films except one; Ginger Rogers completely dominated William Wellman on the set of Roxie Hart and would not tolerate anything but gentlemanly behavior. I can’t remember that guy’s name but he said he never saw Rogers act like that with anybody else.
    That picture sure looks it!!

      • These pictures are terrific!

        I really think Flora Robson’s speech in The Sea Hawk – it truly is a peroration – is one of the greatest performances in all of the movies. Gotta watch that one again now!

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