Screen directors Playhouse.  ‘No.  5 checked out’. (1956).


Hotel de Paree. 1959 (Western series starring Earl Holliman).

Love the casual wear and sneakers.


Jane Withers, Joan Fontaine. 1961 General Electric Theater


With Sally Forrest. NEVER FEAR (1949).


With sister Rita. OUTRAGE 1950.


With Rod Taylor. HONG KONG  1960




Robert Ryan visits on set of HARD FAST AND BEAUTIFUL.


Studying the next scene.

A pity the big film studios didn’t use Ida’s directing talents, but a sign of the times I guess. At least she could direct on television when she wasn’t making her own films.



1954 Ford Theatre.



Radio broadcast.


With Robert Ryan.





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  1. That last image is from Fatso, isn’t it? One of the best episodes of The Fugitive.

    I was just watching a movie with Lupino the other day, in a starring role though not directing, with a mind to a post at some future date as it happens.

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