Would love to see this photo in colour and full size. If you zoom in, you can see Michael Curtiz in front of the head table on the left, with Errol Flynn to his right.

It’s the scene where Robin has marched in and slung the stag on the table. Directly in front of Errol, sitting facing him is Claude Rains as Prince John ,  Basil Rathbone as Sir  Guy of Gisbourne and Melville Cooper   as the Sheriff of Nottingham.

The man  in the white  shirt to the left of the camera could be Sol Polito, the cinematographer.

The photo gives you an idea of the enormous size of the set and all the people involved – and that huge crane carrying the Technicolor camera. And the huge lights overhead. The set must have been so hot.

The soldiers nearest the camera stand to attention but those at the back are at ease!


And here’s  Claude Rains  taking it easy between scenes. To his left, what looks like a huge “No Smoking” sign, needed on the set for safety reasons. . Love the shoes!


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