Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds

In an upcoming auction from 7th to 9th October, 2017, the personal property of both DEBBIE REYNOLDS  and her daughter CARRIE FISHER will be auctioned by Profiles in History in Calabasas,Calif.

Approximately 1500 items will go under the hammer, including books, jewellery, furniture and of course, some of the movie memorabilia which Debbie collected throughout her life.

Details of the auction can be viewed at

Below are  illustrations of some of Debbie’s items.

The dress Debbie wore in the ‘You Were Meant  For Me’ number in SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN.


Audrey Hepburn’s dress from SABRINA


Audrey Heburn, William Holden.SABRINA


The catalogue says that this is the hand painted Theater poster from ALL ABOUT  EVE gifted to Debbie by Bette Davis.



Mae West costumes from EVERY DAY’S A HOLIDAY.


Some of the signed stills, lobby cards and posters.


Signed stills of many British actors including Trevor Howard, David Farrar, Anne Crawford, Margaret Lockwood.


As far as I can tell, the auction takes place over three days in October. Perhaps the Sept. 23rd date is for viewing, or the date was changed.


Myrna Loy

What a useful and necessary piece of studio equipment. Not only helping the stars to relax between takes, THE SLANT BOARD also kept costumes wrinkle-less .

Sometimes  it was extremely difficult to sit anyway – check out Jean  Harlow’s white satin dress in “Dinner at Eight.”!

Constance Bennett, Gregory La Cava.THE AFFAIRS OF CELLINI – apparently the first time the slant board was used.







Joseph Cotten, George Cukor, Ingrid Bergman. GASLIGHT


Katharine Hepburn, Walter Plunkett.SEA OF GRASS




Vincente Minnelli, Judy Garland.ZIEGFELD FOLLIES



Roy Del Ruth, Alice Faye.ON THE AVENUE.




Susan Hayward. THE LOST MOMENT.



Lena Horne.



Jeanette MacDonald.


Ethel Merman. CALL ME MADAM


The stars of LOVELY TO LOOK AT.


A scene from SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN. Don Lockwood (Gene Kelly) will soon be costarring with Lina Lamont (Jean Hagen).





Further to my post  of 25/8/17 about the 1930s/40s film posters found under carpets in the former home of a cinema manager, the auction of the posters took place today in Cardiff.

It was interesting to watch the bidding live.

The 1939 STAGE COACH poster sold for £31,000.

No other poster came any where near that sale.

SHERLOCK HOLMES sold for £13,000.

The BLACK FRIDAY poster went for £1000.


But most posters sold for prices between £60 and £500.



ALGIERS – £550

Many sales were through Internet bidding.



FILM FORUM in New York is having a WARNER BROTHERS feast from Sept 22 to October 5th.

Screenings in  35mm double bills include :










Oh to be in New York in the Fall!


Ida Lupino, Humphrey Bogart.HIGH SIERRA


Leslie Howard, Humphrey Bogart.THE PETRIFIED FOREST


Paul Henreid, Bette Davis. NOW VOYAGER


Bette Davis, Glenn Ford.A STOLEN LIFE.




Joan Crawford.POSSESSED


Humphrey Bogart, Sonia Darren.THE BIG SLEEP

You do sell books?



IDA LUPINO  took a chance and  decided to do her own  singing in ROAD HOUSE (1948). No dubbing as had been the case in THE MAN I LOVE, and as was the case for most actresses called on to sing who weren’t singers.

Was Ida brave or reckless. You have to judge that yourself. I know where I stand.  She’s terrific!


Carefully chosen songs  in the right key , and with great arrangements , made them a hit for Ida. In particular , “Again”, which was recorded by several other artists after the film’s release.




Sheet music for “Again.”


The lyrics of AGAIN.


Cornel Wilde, Celeste Holm

Pete, the road house manager and  Susie hear Lily for the first time. Their surprise is evident.

Celeste Holm as Susie, the club’s bookkeeper, describes Lily’s voice as “the sound of gravel.”



Jefty’s Road House, owned by Jefty (  Richard Widmark) but managed by his childhood pal Pete (Cornel Wilde.) Life has been easy for Jefty and he is used to getting whatever he wants. He often goes out of town and brings back singers for his club.


Lily listens to a nervous Jefty as he introduces  her to his patrons for the first time. She’s at the bar, having a drink and a cigarette.

She doesn’t acknowledge him or even smile. She takes her glass and cigarette and walks a few paces to the piano, puts  the glass down and infuriates the club manager Pete (Cornel Wilde) by putting the lit cigarette on the piano top.

Her attitude seems to be, like me or not, doesn’t matter. She knows exactly what’s she’s capable of. Her looks aren’t bad, she can play a mean piano and she’s chosen torch songs which don’t stretch her untrained voice.

Then  she accompanies herself on the classic ‘One for My Baby’ (Harold Arlen, Johnny Mercer.) Lily admits later, “I got a small voice.” But, as Susie ( Celeste Holm) says, “She does more without a voice than anybody I’ve ever heard.”

But, oh, what Ida Lupino can do with the right song and arrangement ( musical arrangements by Earle Hagen.) She practically talks the songs, but her smoky, husky  delivery is spell binding.


Of the   three songs Ida sings in Road House, two were written specifically for the movie.

“Again” (music by Lionel Newman, lyrics by Dorcas Cochran), and “The Right Kind” ( Lionel Newman, Don George, Charles Henderson).

Amazing to think that the classic ‘One  for My Baby’ was first sung by Fred Astaire in 1943’s THE SKY’S THE LIMIT.

‘Again’ became a big hit for DORIS DAY in 1949, though I don’t think Doris’s version is anywhere near as good as Ida’s – maybe because ,seeing it performed by Ida in the film, has so much more impact.


Richard Widmark

The innocent looking Jefty ( Richard Widmark) looks on in court when  Pete ( Cornel Wilde) is found guilty of stealing the night’s takings from Jefty’s club. Pete hasnt stole anything – it’s a set up by Jefty.



Wilde, Widmark and Lupino.

Jefty’s Bar and Bowling Alley.

Scenes in the bowling alley ( where Wilde teaches Lupino to bowl) were filmed at a local bowling alley in Los Angeles.


Richard Allan, Susan Hayward

SUSAN HAYWARD ( dubbed by JANE FROMAN) sang  ‘The Right Kind’ in WITH A SONG IN MY HEART.


Ida Lupino

Ida ,as Lily , who seems to be never without a cigarette. In France, ROAD HOUSE was released as LA FEMME AUX CIGARETTES.


Ida Lupino, Richard Widmark.



“JEFTYS BAR”, the film’s title in Denmark.

The U.S. alternative title was DARK LOVE.


Richard Widmark, Ida Lupino

Jefty introduces his latest chanteuse from Chicago, Lily Stevens.

Lily’s only there in the backwoods  town near the Canadian border because Jefty offered her a 6 week engagement at more money that she earns in the big city. She knows Jefty is interested in her but she reckons she can hold him off for the 6 weeks. She’s wrong.

Jefty becomes unhinged as Lily rejects him and falls for Pete (Cornel Wilde) who runs the road house for Jefty.


Cornel Wilde, Ida Lupino, Celeste Holm.

Pete (Wilde ) has been found guilty of stealing money from Jefty’s road house – and the judge lets him escape jail by releasing him into Jefty’s custody. But it’s Jefty (Widmark) who has the money. He’s mad at Pete because Lily ( Lupino) prefers him.


Cornel Wilde, Ida Lupino


Ida Lupino, Cornel Wilde

A scene near the start of the film. Pete tries to usher Lily out of town. She reacts by slapping his face and saying, “Silly boy.”

Great scene which tells us so much about Lily. She’s a tough cookie.


Cornel Wilde, Ida Lupino, Richard Widmark

Watch that knife in Ida’s hand.

Jefty ( Richard Widmark) has Pete (Cornel Wilde) and Lily (Ida Lupino) just where he wants them. Twisting the knife is on his mind.



Of the four principals, Celeste  Holm has the smallest role. Not sure why she has billing above  Widmark.





I found this photo recently. Plaques commemorating Ida Lupino and her father Stanley. Ida was born in Ardbeg rd, Herne Hill , London in 1918.

In 1948, when ROAD HOUSE was made, Ida became an American citizen.


Audrey Totter as Miss Fromsett in LADY IN THE LAKE

Miss Fromsett smiling? That’s a one-off.

Until recently  I didn’t know anything about public-access TV in America. Apparently every local community served by cable TV companies can collect a fee to fund public access  cable channels. The cable Tv companies must make public, educational and govt access  channels available to distribute local programming.

In practice, this means that practically anyone can go in to one of these    Studios and have the use of basic equipment to record a program which will then be broadcast.

SKIP E. LOWE (1929- 2014) hosted his half hourly show, “Skip Lowe Looks at Hollywood”, for over 30 years. Commercial free, it aired in Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco. And many of his interviews can be seen on You Tube. I’d love to know what his viewing figures were.

The setting is very basic – this isn’t a commercial TV studio  – Skip sits opposite his guest and the camera work is minimal. There are no film clips.

But what is amazing is the number of Hollywood stars whom he interviewed  in the 1970s and 80s – TURHAN BEY, SIGNE HASSO, ROBERT MITCHUM , DANE CLARK, MYRNA DELL, SHELLEY  WINTERS, ANN SAVAGE, CORNEL  WILDE, ROBERT CUMMINGS, JOAN CAULFIELD and many others.

Was he a good interviewer? Not really, but occasionally the guests did get to reveal something interesting about their careers.

Like many of the stars, AUDREY TOTTER was happy to talk about her career. But I doubt Robert Osborne or Leonard Maltin would have asked, ” Did you have a good time in High School ?”!


Audrey with Spencer Tracy at the MGM 25 th anniversary party.

Audrey made it clear that the 42 years she was married to Dr. Leo Fred were the most important in her life.

Talking about her start in films, Audrey  said,

” Everybody said go with MGM – it’s the Tiffany. And they were right – I was very happy there.”

“It was still to me the golden era – I played with giants – Clark Gable, Robert Montgomery, Robert Taylor.”

“The only trouble at the studio – you had no control.”


Audrey with Richard Basehart in TENSION.

On LADY IN THE LAKE, she said: ” I had to look into the camera all the time. They apparently tested many actresses. It turned out because I had done so much radio, I was used to working with just an object – the other actresses would keep looking away – I would look right at the camera. It was a wonderful part.”

A skilled interviewer would have asked lots more about Lady in the Lake. There was no mention of TENSION or ALIAS NICK BEAL, or the westerns Audrey made.


With Ray Milland in ALIAS NICK BEAL

THE SET UP did get a mention:

” One of Bob Wise’s first films – a marvellous director. An excellent film.”

Again, no follow up questions about this classic.

Some  of the other questions from Mr. Lowe included:

“Did you go to a lot of parties ?”

“Have you done any musicals”  ( Answer, ‘No.’)

“”Are you spiritual.?”

“You  did a lot of films with Brian Donlevy.” ( Answer, ‘No, only 2’) !

” What has been the hardest for Audrey Totter?” ( Answer, ‘What do you mean?’)

From left field, Lowe said, ” Tell me about Judy Garland.” Audrey pointed out they never worked together but that Judy was a very talented young lady.


Audrey was asked what her favourite films were and she said, THE SET UP and LADY IN THE LAKE.

Asked to describe herself in three words, Audrey’s reply was ,”Very good wife.”

She also said, “I still get a lot of fan mail – some from behind the Iron Curtain. I get a lot from England, Spain and Italy.”


With Alexis Smith and Clark Gable in ANY NUMBER CAN PLAY.


Audrey came across as someone who had enjoyed her time in Hollywood but acting became less important after her marriage.


With Robert Ryan in The Set Up